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Our Most Popular Products

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Pseudo-Collagen Wrinkle Cream

The anti-aging cream is an all-in-one solution to restore that vibrant, firm look to aging skin. Pseudo-Collagen and Peptides absorb into the skin cell matrix to restore firmness and elasticity.

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Tea Tree and Sage Cleanser 

Tea Tree essential oil is combined with clary sage essential oil to create a wonderful clarifying cleanser that is great for problem skin.


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Lavender Ylang Ylang Whipped Body Souffle 

A blend of soothing Lavender and uplifting Ylang Ylang oils mixed into Mango, Shea, and Cocoa butters to provide the ultimate in soothing and moistuizing

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Coconut Silk Moisturizer 

An intense moisturizer for dry skin. Contains very hydrating virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and silk amino acids. Aloe juice, Tamarind seed, Banana fruit, olive fruit, and chrysanthemum extracts are used to help your skin maintain moisture while providing skin nourishing vitamins.

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Chocolate & Acai Anti-Oxidant Masque 

Packed with anti-oxidants and super hydrating. Kola nut and Manuka Honey are effective in stimulating and regenerating the capillaries for increased blood flow and skin cell rejuvenation

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