Burit Oil – One Of The Best, Most Effective Skin Care Regimens

The Buriti (Aka Moriche Palm) is a large palm tree native to the Buriti Fruitswamps of South America. The locals refer to the Buriti as the “Life Tree” and consider it sacred because of the nutrients and sustenance is provides. The Buriti tree bears a brown, sweet fruit containing a yellow pulp, most readily growing from December to June.

Buriti pulp, the source of Buriti Oil, is considered the richest known source of beta-carotene – a richness which surpasses even carrot seed oil. This also includes Vitamin A, the breakdown product of beta-carotene. The natives have used Buriti Oil for centuries to protect the skin and treat conditions including burns and UV damage.

The effects of Buriti Oil are quite remarkable. It has the ability to nourish, moisturize, and repair the epidermis while reducing wrinkles by improving mature skin elasticity. Buriti Oil is similar to Aloe Vera in its ability to heal burned, damaged skin by promoting the formation of scar-tissue. Buriti Oil also has an extremely high anti-oxidant content to protect the epidermis from free-radical damage (Resulting In Skin Cancer). The discovery that Buriti Oil is so effective at healing damaged skin, and absorbing high amounts of UV radiation, was made by Professor Sanclayton Moreira – Physics Department, University of Para.

Properties Of Buriti Oil:

  • Richest Known Source Of Beta-Carotene
  • High Anti-Oxidant Content
  • Rich In Vitamin C
  • Heals Burned, Damaged Skin
  • High UV Radiation Absorbance
  • Improves The Elasticity Of Aging Skin
  • Exceptional Emollient

Buriti Oil is also very rich in fatty acids: Oleic Acid – 79.2%, Palmitic Acid – 16.3%, Linoleic Acid – 1.4%, Linolenic Acid – 1.3%, Stearic Acid – 1.3%, Palmitoleic Acid – 0.4%.

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